creative copy corrections

Words weave in and out of our everyday life in all sorts of weird shapes and formats. We talk, we sing, we read – for pleasure and for business.

When we find the right words and slot them into the right spaces, then magic happens. It's like a light goes off in your reader's brain. Their heart start to beat a little faster, their eyes widen, their lungs expand, and their brain can go haywire.
Put together the right way, these funny little letters on a page can make people laugh and make people weep.

In business, words can make people sit up and take notice, start a conversation, encourage behavioural change, generate sales. Or not. Do your words deliver?
Although most of us learn to speak and to write, not all of us love doing it. In fact many of us find it sheer hard work. If your words were professionally crafted, what substantial difference could they make to your bottom line?

That's where Decypher comes in. We started out, in 2003, with the idea of making words easy. We take your hard-won concepts and mould, shape, polish and embellish, until they become words that sing. Whether you need a quick tidy up, a complete rewrite or someone to work with you from concept to delivery, consider us your strategic wordsmiths.
Some of the companies and brands that Decypher has written for include: Microsoft, Nestle, Herbal Essences, Heritage Healers, Kleenex, Boral, CSR, Mirvac, Stocklands, Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, Custom Fleet, Telstra, Sony, Mitsubishi, UD Nissan Trucks and Kia. As you can see we cover a breadth of industries and continue to explore more.

Our writing has been used for ads, direct mail, multi-media, websites, brochures, posters. Along the way we have branched out to work strategically on brand development, campaign positioning, project marketing and film production.
Principal, Charlotte Malycon, has been writing since she could remember, with credentials to back her passion. Really though, isn't it the words that speak for themselves? Many of our clients think so. If you'd like to join them in seeing your words generate change, talk to us.